Job Opportunity: NTID Director of Diversity & Inclusion

NTID Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Rochester Institute of Technology

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

NTID Office of the President -- RIT VP/Dean

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Since 2010, RIT has embarked on a university-wide initiative, Inclusive Excellence, which reaffirms the university’s commitment to growing and sustaining a diverse and inclusive learning, living and working environment. NTID is a full partner in this effort. The individual serving in this new position will have a dual reporting relationship to the RIT Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and the President and Dean of NTID, and will work in concert with NTID’s Assistant Vice President for NTID Administration and External Relations, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Assistant Vice President for Student and Academic Services, and other members of the NTID Administrative Council to coordinate, oversee and manage NTID diversity initiatives and communications, as well as the implementation of NTID-specific RIT diversity initiatives. This individual will serve on the NTID Administrative Council as a member of the NTID President’s senior leadership team.

- Serve as the initial point of contact for all NTID issues relating to diversity and inclusion. This entails not only making the RIT Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, the NTID President and Dean, and appropriate members of the NTID Administrative Council aware of continuing and emergent issues, but also proactively interacting with NTID faculty, staff and students to make them aware of NTID’s commitment in this area and the Director’s availability as a resource for helping address such issues.
- Monitor NTID’s progress with respect to RIT-wide and NTID-specific diversity and inclusion initiatives and goals, and bring identified issues to the attention of the NTID President and Administrative Council for further discussion and action. This entails collaboration with the NTID Assistant Vice President for Administration and External Relations, who oversees the college’s human resources and institutional research functions, and with the NTID Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, who oversees the college’s faculty recruitment and retention efforts.
- Work in concert with the RIT Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion to ensure NTID’s continued progress within RIT’s existing diversity and inclusion framework, and keep the NTID Administrative Council apprised of these efforts and any action items resulting from them.
- Keep current on diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity and access regulations and issues in higher education, and present on these topics to internal groups of faculty, staff and students as requested and assigned.
- Provide periodic and regular reports to the President and NTID Administrative Council regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives that are being conducted and are envisioned for implementation.
- Serve as ex officio member of the NTID Diversity Group (NDG) and work closely with its leaders. Work with student leaders and other units within the College as appropriate and as assigned to support diversity-specific initiatives.
- Develop periodic reports for distribution by the President and Dean to the NTID community regarding all of the above items.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

Advanced degree: Master’s Degree in human resources, student affairs, higher education administration or related field; or 6-10 years equivalent experience in educational administration.

Fluency in American Sign Language and strong familiarity and experience with Deaf culture


3 - 5 years of experience in human resources, student affairs, higher education administration, or related field.

Specialized Skills required:
- Excellent presentation and written communication skills.
- Understanding of the importance of equity, inclusion and diversity to the broader educational mission of the College in particular, and of the evidence of educational benefits that accrue to students through diversity, inclusion and equity in higher education in general.
- A deep understanding of the contexts, cultures and policies within institutions in general that impact the implementation and management of effective diversity change efforts.
- Knowledge of how institutional programming, including curriculum, can be used to enhance the understanding of diversity’s importance to students, faculty and staff.
- A basic knowledge of how various forms of institutional data can be used to benchmark and promote accountability for the College’s diversity mission.
- An understanding of how campus climate research may be used to develop and advance a positive and inclusive campus climate for diversity.
- A broad understanding of the potential barriers that faculty and staff may face when seeking advancement or promotion.
- Current and historical knowledge related to issues of nondiscrimination, access and equity in higher education institutions.
- Awareness and understanding of the various laws, regulations and policies related to equity and diversity in higher education.
- Understanding of the procedural knowledge for responding to bias incidents when they occur on a college campus.
- Ability to interact with faculty, students and staff from across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and to model appropriate ways to challenge the status quo.
- Understanding of what makes the College unique within the Institute, and the ability to explain that uniqueness to internal and external constituencies.

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