Anquinette Kimble Bio

Anquinette Kimble was born in South Philadelphia, PA. Anquinette grew up in the mainstream world with intense speech therapy. She eventually transferred to Lincoln High School’s mainstreamed deaf program at age 15, where she learned sign language. She participated in the high school’s band as a percussionist and competed in Gallaudet’s high school academic bowl.

It was through meeting I. King Jordan that interested her in attending Gallaudet University. She enrolled in 2004 with the New Signer’s Program and decided to major in Social Work. At Gallaudet, she participated in the Black Deaf Student Union as secretary and later become President in 2007. This was after returning from National Black Deaf Advocate’s Collegiate Black Deaf Student Leadership Institute.

After graduating in 2008, she realized that she wanted to increase her education. Anquinette enrolled in West Chester University’s Graduate of Social Work program in 2009. Through some struggle, she graduated in 2013, being the first Deaf/HH person in the program.

Anquinette was formerly the secretary and a representative of Philadelphia Chapter Black Deaf Advocates. She is very passionate in making a difference in the lives of others. Currently, she is employed at Elwyn Institute as a Program Manager for a Deaf residential program serving clients with various mental health challenges.