Black “Deaf” History Month

History of National Black Deaf Advocates

Notable Black Deaf Heroes & Sheroes

  • Andrew Foster, Father of Deaf Education in Africa
  • Linwood Smith, Pioneer of Mental Health Service for Deaf People
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson, First Deaf African-American with Ph.D.
  • Dr. Shirley Allen, First Deaf African-American Female with Ph.D.
  • Roger D. O'Kelly, First Deaf African-American Lawyer
  • Claudia Gordon, First Deaf Female African-American Lawyer

Notable Black Deaf Americans with Ph.D.s

  • Dr. Glenn Anderson, New York University, 1982
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston, Gallaudet University, 1994
  • Dr. Reginald Redding, Gallaudet University 1995
  • Dr. Laurene Simms, University of Arizona, 2000
  • Dr. Angela McCaskill & Dr. Carolyn McCaskill (Deaf Sisters with Ph.D.s at Gallaudet University, 2004 & 2005 Respectively)
  • Dr. Nathie Marbury, Lamar University, 2007
  • Dr. Joseph Hill, Gallaudet University

Notable Black Deaf Artists & Performers

  • Michelle Banks, Actress
  • Evon Black, Comedian/Entertainer
  • Kamau Buchanan, Filmmaker
  • CJ Jones, Internationally Known Deaf Comedian
  • Nathie Marbury, Comedian/Entertainer
  • Darius McCall, Musician
  • Joseph Sarpy, First Known Black Deaf Actor & First to Join the National Theatre of the Deaf
  • Michael Spady, Actor
  • Wawa Snipe, Entertainer
  • Aarron Loggins, Musician
  • Shawn Richardson, Cartoonist
  • Antoine Hunter, Performer

Notable Black Deaf Americans in Professional Sports

  • Kenny Walker, Football Player, Played in NFL 1991-1993
  • Curtis Pride, Baseball Player, Played in MLB 1993-2006
  • Kevin Hall, Current Professional Golfer
  • Eugene “Silent” Hairston, Boxer, Boxed in 1950s
  • Tamika Catchings, Women’s Basketball Player, Current Playing in WNBA
  • Derrick Coleman, Current NFL Football Player (Seattle Seahawks)

Notable Former Schools for the Black Deaf

  • The North Carolina State School for the Colored Deaf and Blind (1867)
  • Maryland School for the Colored Blind and Deaf (1872)
  • Georgia School for the Negro Deaf (1882)
  • Alabama School for Negro Deaf and Blind (1891)
  • Southern School for the Negro Deaf (Baton Rouge, LA - 1938)

Notable Books by & about Black Deaf

  • “Black and Deaf in America, Are We That Different?”
  • “Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South”
  • “Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational Success”
  • “Roar of Silence: Trial & Triumph Through Deaf”
  • “Still I Rise: The Enduring Legacy of Black Deaf Arkansans Before & After Integration”
  • "The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure"

Notable Black Deaf Americans at Gallaudet University

  • Andrew Foster, First Black Deaf to Graduate from Gallaudet, 1954
  • Ida Grey Hampton, First Black Deaf Female to Graduate from Gallaudet, 1957
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston, First Black Deaf to Earn His Ph.D. from Gallaudet, 1994
  • Darius McCall, First Black Deaf President of Student Body Government, 2002
  • Angela McCaskill, First Black Deaf Female to Earn Her Ph.D. from Gallaudet, 2004
  • Katie Brown, Former Member of Board of Trustees
  • Charles V. Williams, Former Member of Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson, Former Member and Chair of Board of Trustees
  • Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke, Member of Board of Trustees
  • Claudia Gordon, Member of Board of Trustees
  • Duane Halliburton, Member of Board of Trustees

Notable Black Deaf Authors

  • Connie Briscoe
  • Mary Herring Wright
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston
  • Dr. Carolyn McCaskill
  • Linwood Smith

Notable History About NBDA

  • The first NBDA Conference was held in Cleveland, OH in 1982
  • South Carolina BDA became the first chapter with state name
  • Virgin Islands BDA is the only chapter not located in USA mainland
  • Tennessee was the first state to hold two BDA chapters
  • NBDA has held conference outside USA twice. 1993 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and 1999 in Jamaica.

First Five Local BDA Chapters Established

  • District of Columbia Area Black Deaf Advocates, 1981
  • Cleveland Black Deaf Advocates, 1982
  • Philadelphia Chapter of Black Deaf Advocates, 1982
  • New York City Black Deaf Advocates, 1983
  • Atlanta Black Deaf Advocates, 1984

Six Founding Members of NBDA

  • Dr. Ernest Hairston
  • Linwood Smith
  • Charles Williams
  • Ann Wilson
  • Lottie Cook
  • Willard Shorter