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NBDA Statement on Investigation into Battery and Arrest of Lashonn White

National Black Deaf Advocates, Inc. makes the public statement on the investigation into the battery and arrest of Lashonn White in Tacoma, WA on April 6, 2012. Ms. White claimed on August 5, 2012 that she was tased and arrested by the very police she called for help. Enclosed in the statement is the letter that was sent to the Tacoma Police Department. NBDA Statement... Read More »

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NBDA Sends Letter to Arkansas Governor’s Office Over Unqualified Interpreter

National Black Deaf Advocates, Inc. sends a letter to the State of Arkansas Governor's Office with carbon copy to the Arkansas State elected and appointed officials in response to the matter of hiring and using a non-qualified sign language interpreter at the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services on behalf of the deaf community and in supporting the professional interpreting... Read More »

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NBDA Releases Statement on Angela McCaskill Controversy

PDF Version October 18, 2012 I am respectfully submitting this letter on behalf of the Board of Directors and the general membership of National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA). As a national organization of Deaf People of Color, NBDA has maintained a long standing 30 year relationship with Gallaudet University. Many of the NBDA members, including its President and several... Read More »

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NBDA to Launch New Education Initiative in Baltimore

FRANKFORT, KY – As part of its 30th Anniversary Celebration in Baltimore, MD, National Black Deaf Advocates, Inc. (NBDA) has a special announcement on the creation of the new education initiative, recognizing the legacy of a Black Deaf pioneer for his years of commitment to educational excellence. The 30th Anniversary Celebration will serve as a fundraiser for the... Read More »

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NBDA & Consumer Groups Respond to FCC VRS Public Notice

On November 14, 2012, the National Black Deaf Advocates and Consumer Groups responded to a FCC VRS Public Notice by filing comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC issued a Public Notice on October 15, 2012 seeking feedback on several proposals that can change Video Relay Services (VRS) and wants to know what your ideas are to improve this vital... Read More »

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Call to the 26th National Black Deaf Advocates Conference

(PDF Version) Aiming for Greater Excellence! New Orleans, Louisiana • July 30 – August 4, 2013 Benro Ogunyipe, NBDA President As president of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA), it is my pleasure to issue a Call to the Conference. The conference, which will mark NBDA’s 26th national conference, will take place at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on July 30 –... Read More »

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NBDA Celebrates Black History Month

NBDA celebrates Black History Month, a celebration of achievements by African Americans and important milestones throughout U.S. history. NBDA makes effort to increase public awareness and recognition of the valuable contributions and achievements by Black Deaf Americans. Black "Deaf" History Month February 2013 BHM Events Read More »

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NBDA Mourns the Loss of Longtime Member: Dr. Nathie Marbury

PDF Version | Watch ASL Poetry Video Tribute to Dr. Nathie Marbury Dr. Nathie Marbury, age 69, passed away on April 15, 2013. As a longtime member of National Black Deaf Advocates, we mourn the loss of one of our own. Dr. Marbury was an alumnus of Gallaudet University, the University of California at Northridge, and Lamar University. She earned her Ph.D. from Lamar... Read More »

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2013 NBDA Conference Summary, Highlights & Photos

2013 NBDA Conference Photos The 2013 National Black Deaf Advocates Conference was, by all accounts, a smashing success. The 26th Bienniel NBDA Conference, was held in the iconic cityof New Orleans, LA. With the New Orleans Black Deaf Advocates (NCBDA) Chapter serving as the hosts for this special occasion. The conference theme “Aiming for Greater Excellence!” drew more... Read More »

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Addressing Systemic Discrimination and Victimization of Deaf Students of Color and Teachers.

National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) has long been an organization focused on advocacy and supporting the advancement of Black Deaf people in every sector of public life. In the past month many individuals and organizations have reached out to NBDA and drawn our attention to several allegations of racial bias, systemic discrimination, and unfair treatment against Black Deaf... Read More »

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