Job Opportunity: Director of Gallaudet Interpreting Service

From: Amanda Jenkins and Kirsi Grigg, Co-Chairs of Search Committee
Gallaudet University

GIS, Peet Hall

800 Florida Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002

 June 22, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:


We are GIS.  

Who is GIS? Gallaudet Interpreting Service (GIS) was established in 1990 and has become an internationally renowned interpreting agency in Washington, DC. It is housed on campus at Gallaudet University and we serve the entire campus, including Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center.

 We are looking for an Adaptive Leader to fill the position of Director of GIS. The new Director of GIS will be tasked with assisting GIS accomplish its mission of providing diverse communication access needs and to continue to shine as a model of excellence in interpreting and captioning service provision.  

GIS is a complex and multi-layered organization with a paramount mission and dedicated staff.  As a collective, GIS recognizes there are changes that need to be made to structure, operations, and policies that would increase efficiency, maximize resources, and improve morale. We need a strong leader who brings expertise in interpreting service provision, who can make difficult and possibly unpopular decisions, and then at the end of the day take the time to manage their staff members, each at an individual level, and their experiences of loss during the change period. With this current status quo, we are looking for an Adaptive Leader. 


We would like to invite you to visit our careers site to learn more about the position by reviewing the job description. 



1. Select the link in right column to access our careers site.  (You may need to copy and paste the url address into your browser)
2. Sign In to access your account; or if you are not an existing user, select the New User link to create one.  
3. Review the job description and select the "Apply" button to begin your application.

LINK 1 - External

LINK 2 - Internal
If you are a current employee of Gallaudet University, please use the following link instead:


The position of Director will remain open until filled however priority will be given to applications received by Monday, July 16th


Please consider this opportunity and share this cover letter with skilled candidates that you feel would be a good fit for this role! 

For any question about the job posting and benefits, please contact   We are also happy to answer any question or provide additional information as needed.  You may contact us at and


Thank you for your consideration.





Amanda Jenkins, CI, NIC:Master, SC:L and Kirsi Grigg, CDI, MA:Interpretation

Level III Staff Interpreters and Co-Chairs of GIS Director Search Committee

Gallaudet Interpreting Service (Washington, DC)


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