Dr. Elizabeth A. Moore

Dr. Elizabeth A. Moore is currently MSW Program Director and Assistant Professor at Gallaudet University Department of Social Work. She has been working in the field of social work since 1981. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses since 1996 and, at the same time, she has managed the MSW program since 2006.

Before this, Dr. Moore worked as an advisor for the Academic Advising Department, while she taught one social work course for three semesters. She was a part-time teacher at Maryland Rehabilitation Center's Adult Basic Education program for deaf adults. She was a part-time mental health therapist at the Baltimore, MD based Family Services Foundation of the Deaf, Inc. Prior to these positions, she was employed by the Elwyn-Nevil Center for the Deaf in Philadelphia providing information and referral services and case management. She was a supervisor at the CAMcare Transitional Residence in New Jersey and a mental health therapist at Deaf Options, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Moore has been involved in the professional social work community. She is currently serving on the Council on Social Work Education’s Persons with Disabilities and Disabilities Council, National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work, Metropolitan Washington Schools of Social Work Policy Practice Forum Steering Committee, Gallaudet University Council on Graduate Education, and Gallaudet University Linwood Smith Scholarship Committee. She served two terms on Virginia State Department for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons Advisory Board.

Dr. Moore is a founder of the Philadelphia Chapter of Black Deaf Advocates and the Northern Virginia Black Deaf Advocates. She is currently a member of DCABDA and a honorary life member and former board member of Deaf Women United, Inc. She was also active informing the deaf community on HIV/AIDS issues through the National Coalition on Deafness and HIV/AIDS, and Washington, DC based Deafpride, Inc. She recently received Thomas and Julia Burg Mayes Award for Community Education Leadership and Management. She has published several articles and has lectured on issues concerning Black Deaf Persons and their Families, HIV/AIDS and the Deaf Community.

Dr. Moore belongs to a family with four generations of deaf members. She has a son who is an Afghanistan war veteran and one grandson. 

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