Victorica Monroe

Victorica, a Mississippi native, was recently recognized for February 2016 #NADHandwave by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). She was nominated as a Februrary #NADHandwave recipient because when at Gallaudet, she demonstrated her strong leadership in a few various positions including activism #GallyCampusRacism. In August 2015, she participated in the Collegiate Black Deaf Student Leadership Institute (CBDSLI) held in coincide with the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) conference in Louisville, KY. She continues to participate in the NBDA conferences and hopes some day to deliver her first educational presentation at the future NBDA conference.

Her personality is often attractive. If you would like to meet her, her personality is humble. Her open-minded makes people feeling comfortable to approach for discussion. She always brings positive energy around. Sense of humor is one of her strong personality traits.

Lately, Victorica is devoted to working with deaf children, especially deaf children of color, and ensuring their rights to equal education and providing adequate resources. She believes that language acquisition at early age will make positive results. Communication access is an issue she advocates for all Deaf children.

Victorica was raised in Arcola, Mississippi and attended at Mississippi School for the Deaf when she was three years old. She graduated from Mississippi School for the Deaf and completed with the Associate of Arts degree from Hinds Community College in 2013. She served as an intern with the Gallaudet Women’s Basketball team under Coach Stephanie Stevens. After completing the internship, she graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Recreation and with a minor athletic coaching last December. She also earns her President’s Scholar award and graduated with a Cum Laude.

Currently, Victorica is a teacher and a coach at her alumni, Mississippi School for the Deaf. She plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education and is open to studying for a doctorate.

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