NBDA Board History

The NBDA Board of Directors is comprised of the following: four (4) Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; five (5) Regional Representative for NBDA Regions of Eastern, Midwestern, Southern, Southwestern, and Western; one (1) At-Large Board Member (Senior Citizens Director); and two (2) Appointed Board Members for special expertise. The Executive Officers are elected in an odd year at the biennial NBDA national conference while the Regional Representatives are elected in an even year at their respective regional conferences. Both Officers and Regional Representatives serve two-year term.

Executive Board

sheryl emery
florence pratT
Usherla Deberry
Martina moore-reid

Colorado, 2023-2025 Term

Ex-Officio Member
All Standing Committees

Vice President
District of Columbia, 2023-2025 Term

Chair, NBDA Board of Directors

North Carolina, 2023-2025 Term

North Carolina, 2023-2025 Term

Regional Representatives

Patrice Creamer

Eastern Regional Representative
New York, 2020-2022 Term

Jennifer Bailey, Alternative Representative

New York, 2020-2022 Term

Eastern Region Local Chapters

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William Babineaux

Midwestern Regional Representative
Indiana, 2022-2024 Term

Hugh Woodson, Alternative Representative
Illinois, 2022-2024 Term

Midwestern Region

Marcus Washington

Acting Southern Regional Representative
Alabama, 2018-2020 Term

Marcus Washington, Alternative Representative
Alabama, 2018-2020 Term

Southern Region

Kimberly Mitchell

Southwestern Regional Representative
Texas, 2022-2024 Term

Willie Woodson, Alternative Representative
Texas, 2022-2024 Term

Western Region

Janaee Cobbs

Western Regional Representative
California, 2022-2024 Term

Moni Brown, Alternative Representative
California, 2022-2024 Term

Western Region

At-Large Board Members

Appointed Board Members