Bylaws Amendment Proposals

2019 NBDA National Conference
Building Together: A Community of Strength, Knowledge and Power
July 31, 2019 - August 4, 2019
Oakland Marriott City Center
Oakland, California

In accordance with the Article VIII, Section 1 Amendments of the NBDA Bylaws, Bylaws Committee must receive proposed bylaws amendment(s) by May 31, 2019 – 60 days prior to the 2019 NBDA Conference. Each active chapter will receive a copy of the listed bylaws amendment proposals 30 days prior to the 2019 NBDA Conference through the Regional Representatives. Proposed amendments will be read at the General Meeting during the 2019 NBDA Conference on Saturday August 3, 2019 in Oakland, CA. Newly ratified NBDA Bylaws will take effective upon the completion of the conference. Copy of the ratified Bylaws will be made available immediately on the NBDA website and sent to the chapters electronically through Regional Representatives.

Please use the 2019 Proposed Bylaws Amendment Form (pdf) to submit your proposed bylaws amendment for consideration. One form per proposal. You must be a member in good standing to fill out the form. If you are not a returning member or do not renew your membership, your proposal will not be considered.

Important Timeline and Deadlines:

  • May 31, 2019  - Deadline to submit proposed Bylaws amendments to the *Regional Representatives (60 days prior to the 2015 NBDA Conference). Submission detailed on the amendment form.
  • June 1, 2019  - Bylaws Committee reviews proposed amendments for 30 days.
  • July 30, 2019 - Copies of accepted proposed amendments will be sent to the chapters through *Regional Representatives (30 days prior to the 2019 NBDA Conference).
  • August 3, 2019  - Proposed amendments to the NBDA Bylaws are read at the NBDA General Meeting. **Affirmative vote of two-third (2/3) of the voting members are needed to approve proposed amendments and adopt ratification of the NBDA Bylaws to act upon immediately thereafter.

*NBDA Regional Representatives contact information:

  • Dorian Fletcher, Eastern Region Representative:
  • Ericka Olujie, Midwestern Region Representative:
  • Vyron Kinson, Southern Region Representative:
  • Carl Moore, Southwestern Region Representative:

**Article VIII; Section 1 Amendments of the NBDA Bylaws

Samuel Holden
Chair of the Bylaws Committee