COVID-19 Resource Guide

NBDA COVID 19 Community Response Survey
This is an anonymous survey conducted by the the NBDA board to better understand the needs of the NBDA members. It will allow us to better provide resources based on needs.

NBDA Team has fully recognized the importance of our Deaf community’s full access to information related the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 related information shared on various social media platforms, TV, FB, IG, etc. It can be difficult to determine which information is accurate and fully presented with facts. NBDA has created a webpage dedicated as a resource for COVID-19. We want you to have access to information that will be gathered from our organization partners that have already created Covid-19 resources. We have worked with Communication Services of the Deaf (CSD) on how to ensure their COVD-19 resources are accessible and inclusive. We will continue to update our website as we get new information. Please share with your family and friends as we all must have information to keep our families, community safe. In addition, check your State, Local and Federal websites for updated information regarding when it is safe to open businesses and go back to work. YOUR safety is very important to us. Please inform us if there is any information you feel we should share, email us at Thank You.

Symptoms of COVID-19  


Symptoms of COVID-19  

Symptoms of COVID-19  


Guide for Effective Communication in Health Care

Nationwide Resources

National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Communication Services for the Deaf

National Deaf Center