Christina Williams

Advocacy/Social Worker

Christina Williams was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to her parents Richard Sr. and Wiona Williams. She was born hearing impaired. She has three brothers and three sisters. She is the only hearing impaired and speaks fluently in ASL in her family and only hearing impaired person in her family graduated from college. She graduated from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with degree Associates Science Degree in America Sign Language (ASL), University of Phoenix with degree Bachelor Degree in Human Services and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society degree from Oklahoma State University (OSU). She was the first deaf student graduated from University of Phoenix in Oklahoma City. Also she received Outstanding Achievement award in poetry by The National Library of Poetry.

Christina finds herself wanting to accomplish more in life. Christina is a proud single mother of her 5 year old son. She showed her son how important the true value of college when it time for him to go and show how important the roles of families, guardians, friends, disabilities, careers and significant others in the lives of people with disabilities are supported, valued and promoted. She can only do this by having done it herself.

Christina is the current work for Insurance Company, Document Processing Specialist for 13 years. She received numerous awards. “Yes Deaf Can Do it” she said.

At the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), she loved work with deaf women, babies and children and she advocated of any critical incidents of who are deaf and hearing impaired woman or child who are abuse that are observed, reported and support groups. She loved to empower and motivational few deaf children and teenagers at Boys and Girls Club. Also she loved to advocacy some deaf family at Family Development and Intervention Services (FDIS). She has a passion for working with deaf and hearing impaired children, youth, senior citizen, and family. She has touched few deaf families live.

Christina is a proud member of NBDA. She is the current president of newly established organization from Oklahoma City who setup Oklahoma City Black Deaf Advocates in November 2015. She said could never believe it but she did it. Christina have learned a lot and worked with some great organization or community people. Christina envied those folks who had a spring in their step on the way to work—people who absolutely loved what they did and couldn’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get busy on the job. She always wanted to be one of those people. Finally, Christina went for it. It’s been nearly a year, and while there have been many bumps along the way, now she can now say with full confidence that she really love what she do.

Oklahoma Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Associate, she assist individuals who are deaf and developmentally disabled to develop communication, social skills, life skills, and pre-employment skills.

Christina was member and secretary of Central Oklahoma Association for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (COADHI) in 2011- 2015.

Christina would like to have that image of a deaf world that she can help the deaf community and show her leadership with them. She knows she can be greater advocacy for deaf and hearing impaired. She wants to do something to help the deaf and also the hearing impaired. She wants to make things better, and want to relieve some of their suffering. Shannon MacMillan said, “If you believe in yourself, things are possible.” Christina is taking this journey to make it happen. She wants to do something that she love and enjoy. “Yes Deaf Can Do it” she said.

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