Ericka Baylor

Ericka Baylor is a 21-year-old native of Richmond, Virginia. She is a sophomore at Gallaudet University majoring in Social Worker. She was selected as a Fantastic First Year Student and received the Dr. Andrew J. Foster Scholarship. She was the former Miss District of Columbia Area Black Deaf Advocates (DCABDA) 2011. Ericka’s dream came true when she was crowned as the Miss Black Deaf America on July 29, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also won the Miss Congeniality and Best Platform Presentation awards.

At Gallaudet University, Baylor is the current president of the Black Deaf Student Union (BDSU) club. She loves to empower fellow students about leadership and helps them to become better leaders. She likes to enlighten university faculty and staff about black history and how very important it is to them and the community. In addition, Ericka is working as a mentor in the Student Success: Peer Mentor program. Ericka is honored and blessed to have the great opportunity to be a role model and mentor to the Black Deaf community in America.

After graduation, Baylor plans to attend graduate school to pursue her Master’s in Social Work and become a licensed social worker, working in the mental health arena. She enjoys reading, exercising, shopping, playing basketball, tennis and volleyball, and hanging out with her family and friends.

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