Felicia Williams

Felicia Williams was born and raised in Marlton, New Jersey. She graduated from Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf in Ewing, New Jersey in 2005 and earned her Associate of Arts in Deaf Studies from Camden Community College in Blackwood, New Jersey in 2009.  After completing her degree, she transferred to Gallaudet University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language with minors of Deaf Studies and Linguistics in 2012. She will be completing her Masters' degree in Sign Language Teaching this summer.

Felicia has been actively involved in organizations such as the Black Deaf Student Union, Delta Epsilon Sorority, Sisters of Color (also known as The Sisterhood Organization), and the Keeping The Promise. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she was also softball manager for Gallaudet University, and worked for Residence Life and Housing. In 2010 and 2011, she was also Peer Counselor and ASL Intern for the JumpStart Program. During her time, she has encouraged many individuals to make sure their transitions from mainstreamed and deaf schools to be comfortable at Gallaudet. Throughout the year, she has passionately taught about the issues of diversity and the social justice, and how it has affected her personal growth.

After completing her studies, her goal is to teach American Sign Language in academic settings and continue to be involved in organizations for social justice. She was recently awarded by the Department of ASL/Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University. The award was recognized her achievement, the award "Dr. Nathie L. Marbury Award" was given to her for her contributions to the department. Additionally, she was a graduate speaker for Gallaudet University Class of 2013, and her speech was an inspiration for many. 


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